What would you do if you get an email from a company you have never heard about with an offer you are not interested in? The least you can do is to ignore it. However, in most cases, such an email goes directly to spam. If you receive a call instead of an email, the situation will seem even more annoying. The results of such a marketing “campaign” can be devastating for any business.

About Us

It happens if you use lead generation services offered by an agency that doesn’t care much about the quality of the leads. Some managers still believe that purchasing leads from an online lead generation agency is the fastest way to fill the sales funnel. However, this is erroneous, especially if you do it without checking the reputation of the company.
This never happens if you address your needs to a reliable outsourced online lead generation company like ours. With us, you get warm leads based on the most reliable data. We use all the available sources for online lead generation:

  • Outsource lead generation companies, including our agency, use Facebook to generate leads;Twitter allows generating leads within a tweet, and we use it, too;
  • Lead gens forms of LinkedIn, and similar.

All the tactics and strategies are used to make the lead generation process the most efficient for your business.

Online Lead Generation Based on Reliable Data

It is impossible to create a personalized campaign without accurate data. After you have submitted the onboarding form, we start to collect the data. Our agents will perform market research, collect information, and validate it. After that, the data will be submitted to a specialist. In collaboration with your experts or you, our specialist will elaborate on the best strategy for your company.

Outsourced Lead Generation Agency for the Best Strategy

When the strategy is ready, we move on to the actual sales lead generation. The process looks as follows:

  •  A specialist of our outsource lead generation company identifies the companies that might become leads and finds relevant contacts to get in touch. Everybody shall be contacted in a personalized way. It increases the chances that you will get a reply;
  • Our expert replies to every inquiry or request for information. If a call is needed, it is also scheduled by our specialist;
  • One of our specialists keeps in touch with the leads and makes sure all the emails are replied in a proper manner. With it, you can concentrate completely on selling your goods and services rather than on communicating with potential clients.

Online Lead Generation Company for the Expected Result

Inbound marketing is efficient, but if you combine it with outbound marketing, your sales will rocket. This is what we do in our outsourced lead generation agency: we combine all the ways to achieve the desired results and even exceed your expectations.
To provide you with top-quality lead generation services, we use the most efficient data search and collection techniques. We search for reliable digital data on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social and professional networks.
SEO complements our online lead generation services. It attracts organic traffic to your website, thus, increases brand awareness and attracts interested users. Valuable content is always something that makes a difference. With it, you can be sure that you attract the right users.
You can use blog posts, landing pages, and any other content types to attract readers. If they find your posts on their own, it means that the information you provide is valuable for them
You provide valuable information for free; in return, you can ask for some data needed for lead generation. We do it via a special lead gen form that can be filled online. Normally, the person is asked to provide such data as:

  •  Name and Surname (do you remember we have talked about personalized emails? This information is needed to send the person an email addressed to him/her personally)
  • Email address (to know where to write).
  • Email address (to know where to write).
  • Company name (for B2B).
  • The role of an individual (to know how you shall address the person and how to build your communication).
  • Location (for local companies, you might have a standard approach, while for international ones, you might need to develop a new way to communicate).

It is not much in return to a valuable piece of information, and it is not mandatory, either. But this information is valuable for lead gen. With these data, it is possible to approach individuals and businesses and, with time, turn them into clients.

Hire a Certified AdWords consultant!

We (certified Google Ads consultant) offer a proficient SEO and PPC (Google Ads, Bing/Yahoo and Facebook) service that facilitates augmented traffic into your website. With our research skills on competitive keywords, target audience, location optimization, you spend very less for your online reaches.

Location Targeting Ads

Google Ads location targeting allows your ads to appear in the geographic locations that you choose.

Google Map Ads

Show local search ads on Google Maps. Advertising on Google Maps is a powerful way to attract nearby customers.

Google Remarketing Ads

Google AdWords remarketing/retargeting is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site.

Customer Match Targeting

Google Customer Match Expands to Include Targeting based on a list of user email addresses, Gmail, and YouTube campaigns within AdWords.

AdWords Call-Only Ads

Call-only ads are designed to encourage people to call your business, and can appear only on devices that make phone calls.

Gmail Ads

Gmail ads are shown at the top of your inbox tabs. Some of these ads are expandable. When you click one of these ads, it may expand into an email-sized ad with videos and images..

Hire PPC experts and get fast returns on your money!

Media Challengers is the No. 1 Google advertising agency, and we promise our clients the most promising growth online by dint of our knowledge and hard work. Our Google Ads marketing services are renowned for being high-quality and quick-acting because we take the time to develop an online marketing strategy that is personalized and perfectly suited to the particular client and his business. The Google Adwords set up fee that we charge is nothing when compared to what we can achieve for your business! We are confident because we know that our Google AdWords consultants can help your business reach new heights. Our Google Ads agency is result-oriented and ensures maximum revenues. While our objective is definitely to make sure that your sales increase, it is also to ensure that your cost per conversion decreases. This means that your profits are going to improve.

Google Ads Consultant: A good PPC campaign can positively transform your business

As your Google AdWords consultant, we can transform your business in a positive manner. If you have a great website that catches the eye, then you are doing good. But is the advertising right? Are you sure it is reaching the right people? If not, then you might be missing out on a huge part of the revenue share. Let our certified Google Ads consultant develop a PPC campaign for your business that is targeted at reaching the right audience. You must already know that people begin their search of what they are looking for with a simple Google ‘’search’’. If you are not taking full advantage of this, then you are missing out on the action. Let our Google advertising consultant create a powerful ad campaign for your business that unlocks its real potential. Our Google ads consultants know that creating an effective ad campaign lets your business achieve instant results. You don’t have to wait for days to see the results; you can start in literally minutes after the ad is live. The truth is that millions of people are looking at the internet right now and many of them are looking for products or services your business can provide them. With a creative and powerful ad campaign, our Google Adwords consultant can make sure that these people find you fast. Pay-Per-Click is a proven and effective way to garner traffic to a website and increase the number of sales it achieves. With our Google Ads consultant’s help, you can ensure that your business increases its reach and improves its sales.